Accenture POD
Using world-class creativity to win more new business engagements for Accenture.

XW: Lead Designer
Accenture: Agency


The Accenture POD is a group of designers, storytellers, researchers and technologists who work with internal teams at Accenture to engage with clients better, make work connect better and win more engagements. Using storytelling and creative marketing, we redefined the way Accenture approaches RFP submissions, workshops and presentations. 


Accenture knew HCSC, but maybe too well, as they saw Accenture only as a tech vendor and initially did not invite us to pitch. The POD helped change that perception.

HCSC needed to transform organization wide. We needed to reintroduce Accenture as a strategic partner to HCSC, not just a technology vendor, demonstrating the best of the new Accenture to highlight our breadth of services.

Seamlessly partnering with different teams across Accenture, including Fjord and Strategy, we developed communications around the human-centric “Data Lives Here”.

We helped the team with a communication strategy, content development and storytelling; as well as digital and environmental presentation materials.

We ignited a new interest and perception of Accenture (and got us into the RFP submission process, as well as two additional following RFPs).

They needed to quickly and successfully pivot to precision manufacturing. But, they had to spark a cultural transformation to ensure success. We showed them what that would look like.

Orchestrating a full-day gathering, we led the presentation strategy and a multi-dimensional presentation.

We created environmental graphics, and customer journey maps, demos  and work-sessions that got the audience up and out of their seats.

To ensure Accenture was top of mind, we printed a summary booklet for after the meeting.

X.O. Industries
Accenture needed a new way to approach C-level executive in the chemical industry. They wanted to pitch a data solution for integrating manufacturing, supply chain, and innovation. We gave them innovation turbocharged.

XO_Desktop_Homepage_BG Intro.jpg

We gave the sales team a strategy, story and materials. A mobile-first website served as a standalone introduction that drove inquiries. as well as  a sales presentation piece that guided conversations. 


Website Screens Mockup_v1.1.jpg

Supported by video, leave-behind and marketing materials, we gave them the means to get in the door by simplifying a complex message.  We got the sales team into important conversations quicker and created more opportunities for them.

Video_TV Mockup_v1_1_061918.jpg
Video_Screens Mockup_v1_1_061918.jpg

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