The Great Eggo Waffle Off
The ultimate battle of tasty vs. yum.

XW: Creative Director
Razorfish: Agency

Within an increasingly busy category that is changing with nutrition trends and needs for convenience, Eggo was looking to increase relevance with consumers. We were tasked with pushing Eggo beyond butter and syrup by giving  purpose to a partnership with Bryer's Ice Cream.   

Moms see recipes as a expression of themselves. It’s not just about what they eat, it’s about what they create. We wanted to inspire and invite our community to experience Eggo in unexpected, extraordinarily delicious ways.



We reached out to the most popular social influencers within the Mom blogging community and appointed them our Chief Waffle Officers. We asked them to post one recipe each day for a full week to help us inspire Moms and promote our contest.

In just one week, Our Chief Waffle Officers created 105 unique and amazing recipes! Moms immediately got in on the action and helped bloggers push their recipes even further in social channels. 


On-pack promotions, in-store signage, online media and existing properties encouraged Moms to make their own Eggo recipe, snap a pic and enter the contest. 

Facebook Cover Photo

Online Banner Callouts

In-store & On-pack Signage


At the contest hub, Moms took on the challenge and went above and beyond - submitting dinner, snacks, desserts and more! 

Home Page

Recipe Detail

Recipe Detail

Entry Gallery



Throughout the run of the program, we continued to give Mom even more inspiration, providing ideas and showcasing a submitted recipe every week. 



Fun Ideas

Eggo Inchworm

Eggo Waffle Freies

Eggo Parfait

Eggo Waffle n' Chicken

Eggo Butterfly

Eggo KeBob


Within weeks, The Great Eggo Waffle Off was more than just a contest. We repositioned Eggo from a simple breakfast food to a tasty means of expression. Changing the way we - and our customers - think about our brand and our food.

Winning More!

It was such a success, that they renewed the program and used the design and messaging as the basis for their 2014 360° marketing campaign.

Eggo Toppings - Homestyle Waffles TV Commercial 2014


Over 50MM earned impressions
Over 200,000 new FB fans
Over 80,000 unique visitors
Over 800 unique recipe
Over 10pt increase in share of voice during program
Over 8% increase in sales during program.