Manifest Events 

It is important to work at a place where you enjoy the culture and people you work with. 

The Scoop

Every month, one employee shared something they were passionate about with the rest of the company.

My team created the posters that promoted and celebrated the events (and decorated the walls of our office).

XW: Creative Director

Holiday Spirit Week Poster

Fry-Day Poster

All About Oreos Poster

Eataly Poster

Mobile Photography Workshop Poster

Filmed in Chicago Poster

Maggie Daley Park Poster

Your Story Goes Here

Chicago Design Museum Poster

The Scoop: Exquisite Corpse Event

My contribution to The Scoop was a lunch where we all played a surrealist game to explore creativity, teamwork and collaboration.

XW: Creative Director, Presenter,  Designer and Illustrator

The Exquisite Corpse Poster
XW: Designer and Illustrator
Liam Montgomery:
Jane Krumholz:

Get to work

Some of the results

Beer n' Movies

While we didn't condone public drunkeness, a good craft beer or two while watching a movie with friends was encouraged.

XW: Creative Director, Designer and Illustrator

Movie Night: Night of the Living Dead Poster

Movie Night: Labyrinth Poster

Pancakes n' waffles

Stephen Schmidt is the kind of person who takes time out of his busy schedule to make breakfast for everyone in the office. The least we could do is create some iconic posters to promote and celebrate his contribution. The pancakes were delicious. 

XW: Creative Director, Designer and Illustrator

Halloween Spooktacular Poster

National Pancake Day Poster

National Waffle Day Poste