Roti Print & Out-of-Home Marketing
It’s food that loves you and food that you’ll love back.

Developing marketing and communication efforts with a consistent idea and voice. 

XW: Creative Director, Designer, Illustrator and Production Artist
Laura DeVita: Copywriter
SocialDeviant: Agency

Roti Print & In-Store Marketing

I helped develop a look & feel for the ROTI brand that is modern, fun, humble but confident with a surprisingly open laugh. Add in an off-the-cuff cool that can make you smile equally through a risque joke, poignant insight or clever wit and you get Roti Modern Mediterranean.

Flatbread Dinner Greet Sign

Laffa Window Sticker

Spicy Meatballs Greet Sign

Summer Drinks Window Sticker

Dallas & Minneapolis Store Fronts

When you use the finest ingredients and prepare them in the way they’re meant to be prepare, you should show people that you make only the best.


Minneapolis Mall Entrance Keyline

Minneapolis Mall Entrance

Minneapolis Mall Entrance

Minneapolis West Entrance Keyline

Minneapolis West   Entrance

Minneapolis West Entrance

Dallas South Entrance

Dallas South Entrance