In 2012,  We came up with a big idea that won one of the top spots at Kellogg's Pitch Day; an invitation to all of Kellogg's employees to pitch their concepts to Kellogg's leadership.

Frosted Mini-Wheats - Shoulders of Greatness

Frosted Mini-Wheats was looking for a way to bring their brand mascot—Mini—to iconic status. Coincidentally (or not so much), Mini has always presented himself on the shoulders of our consumers, a universal metaphor for support and guidance. 

A shoulder to cry on.
A shoulder to lean on.
The guardian on my shoulder.

Shoulders of Greatness

We will own the shoulder by placing Mini on the greatest shoulders of the last 40 years and show consumers how Mini helps people be at their best. 


Mini stands on shoulder of iconic individuals as they approach their moment that changed everything, helping them be their best. All offline marketing leads you online where the story continues.

Full episode videos begin with individuals’ iconic moments, and work backwards to reveal the events leading up to that point—ultimately showing how they started that day with a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats.

The backstory of key icons will be infiltrated across the web to show how Mini helped them get their start.

And what can mini do for you? You can participate by sharing your own story of being at your best in the morning and placing an image of mini on your shoulder.

Mini shows up on the shoulders of famous statues throughout the United States. This could easily translate online with extensions in social channels, google maps, etc … 



  • Achieves a clear ownership of a powerful visual pneumonic that represents the brand’s purpose.
  • Aligning Mini with pop-culture gives him iconic status while delivering on his fun and light-hearted spirit.
  • Placing Mini with famous, iconic characters will create a halo effect of positive reactions onto the brand.
  • Content will drive buzz and is inherently sharable.
  • Restricting moments to the last 40 years establishes relevancy with our target and aligns with our history.
  • Helps consumers see the brand’s role in achieving their own version of greatness.