Cheez-It's Vote for the Top Cheese
An election year campaign for snackdom’s highest office.

XW: Creative Director
Razorfish: Agency

They were already jaded by the 2012 Presidention Election. So we introduced real choices to the election season with candidates they could believe, who had relevant platforms and spoke about pertinent issues

We had passionate fans who loved fun, but they were single-partisan snackers. They were sticking to the flavors they love, had no knowledge of the other flavors and rarely experimented. We needed them to flip-flop, and find a new favorite—try it, buy and spread the word.


‘Election Central’— candidates shared their positions, campaigned for votes and recruited Top Supporters.

Splash Page

Meet the Cheeses


The Winner


Hear inspiring personal messages & appeals for support - straight from the cheeses themselves.

Hot & Spicy Campaign Video

Baby Swiss Campaign Video


Italian Four Cheese Campaign Video

White Cheddar Campaign Video


Why look good when you can make them look bad? Unfortunately, no election is safe from negative campaign ads.

Show us the recipe, Jacky Boy!

Doesn't have the guts for top cheese!


Hey handlebars, it's time for a trim.

Wooby? Binky? Big baby? Check.


Joe—our resident Cheesesearcher—introduced the election, moderated the debate and announced the winner at the inauguration.

The eight cheeses are ready to take on the issues and each other for the top job. Who will make the best Top Cheese? Watch and see if you can decide.
Which Top Cheese candidate do you think should share the spotlight with our Commander in Cheese? Meet the eight candidates, listen to the talking points and vote for your favorite for a chance to win a four-year supply of CHEEZ-IT® crackers and your likeness on the box.
We asked and you voted... The Top Cheese for 2012 is Hot & Spicy. May your tomorrows be hotter and spicier. ¡Olé!


Our election was the election in the Sony PlayStation universe, allowing the candidates to deliver their campaign in a virtual world complete with advertising, games and custom prizes.

Custom Avatar   /   Video Billboard   /   Race to the Top Cheese


Candidates were given a custom channel on DirectTV to sway viewers to their cause with games and videos.

Voting Screen



Cheese Sky-Riding

Main Page with Video


Custom packaging introduced the candidates and drove to the Facebook page. Top Supporter for the winning candidate would have their likeness carved in block of cheddar cheese and be featured on product packaging.


Top Voter Video


Consumers could sample the candidates themselves in grocery stores across the country while casting votes via their mobile devices.

In-Store Display



To reach the broadest voting base, 5 second bumpers promoted the election on TV.

Television Bumper



Candidates were introduced, campaigned and celebrated in online media.

300 x 250 Introduction

300 x 250 The Winner


YouTube housed all of the election’s video content, allowing candidates to deliver their platforms around the clock, day or night.

YouTube Page


The Results